Saturday, 19 August 2017

An Idle Blog

I have not been active on this blog in some time, if you wish to see what I have been working on including the warhost of Mael Dannan follow my other blog Here

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1500 points List, 1st Attempt - revised

HQ    (275)                                 
fast shot


Elites (159)

7 striking scorpions
inc exarch- scorpians claw

Troops ( 515)

10 Dire Avengers
 inc exarch  power weapon shimmershield
10 Guardian defenders plus weapons team Scatter Laser
5 Wind rider jetbikes
5 Wraithblades- ghost axe, force shield (anti-termis)

Fast Attack (292)


7 Swooping hawks
inc exarch- power weapon

Heavy Support (255)

Wraithlord -
ghostglaive, Starcannon, Starcannon

3 dark reapers

Friday, 31 May 2013

The Codex has arrived.

The Codex is good, first impressions I have are positive.

Quick notes:
Spriritseers allow wraithguard and wraithblades to be taken as troops, Iyanden anyone?

Battlefocus looks excellent run and shoot or shoot and run, is going to make the army act like crashing waves of the ocean. ( advance fire then recede)

Battlefocus on guardians with weapons teams will make for a renewed presence on the battlefield imo.

Craftworld Mael Dannan : Colors of War

Looking to create a semi -unique color scheme for Craftworld Mael Dannan the colors finally chosen are as follows.

Please keep in mind that these are the old GW paint pots and not the new range of paints.

Undersuit - Graveyard earth
Most Mesh armour - Warlock Purple
All gems and helm -Tentacle pink
Facemask - Skullwhite
And minor details/ weapon trim will be- Rotting Flesh

Basically my Slaanesh  chaos warriors scheme from Fantasy, but I think it will add a little something to the Colors.

About the Aspect warriors I have yet to decide upon using them as pure aspect coloring, or to continue the Craftworld colors, test models will answer that issue, and when i have test models painted i will be after comments.

No hassle as yet as I am Blogger no friend.


Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hobby Overview- List Tinkering

In every hobby there are different aspects of it, that different people enjoy.
Whilst I love playing the games, collecting the figures and making minor conversion projects, what I really love is army list tinkering.

Tinkering with an army list while trying to develop the best 'All-comers' list is a passion perhaps even an addiction that has developed over many years, and sadly I cannot seem to break the habit.

When starting a new army list I am not looking at who has the biggest gun, or what special rules can undo one specific opponent or race, instead I am trying to create a flexible army, one that will have the ability to respond to any given situation, tactic or unexpected maneuver with a chance of countering or even defeating it.

The reality is that there is no list that can defeat all and sundry, but if you have the right tools in your list, you can give it a fair go, and assuming the dice gods or lady luck do not have it in for you, then average rolling should see you right if your tactics are sound and list balanced.

There will be other posts in the future dealing with the Luck Gods and List building, i hope this ramble of mine has wet your appetite.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Nerd Neutral

What is nerd neutral?

My friend Chris introduced the concept to me around 2008, and I embraced it with a passion.
If your hobby has taken on a life and a room of its own, it is a great way to  reduce the hobby costs on your wallet or purse, and storage room that it is taking up in your home.

The basic premise is one simple rule.
In order to buy hobby related items you must first sell hobby related items.

By doing this, you will slowly reduce the volume of your hobby to manageable levels.

Finding the survivors

Well after an extensive search of my collection, the remaining Eldar came out of hiding, the survivors of my Nerd Neutral policy looked around and saw the following surviving comrades.

1 x Avatar of Khaine
24 Guardians
6 x 2nd ed swooping hawks and Baharoth
1 x Jain Zair
2 x Guardian weapons platforms
1 x 2nd ed Wraithlord
4 x 2nd ed dark reapers
15 x Dire Avengers plus 3 exarchs
6 x 2nd ed striking scorpions plus exarch

My Craftworld has been sorely hurt, but reinforcements will soon arrive.

At the moment it seems that my Craftworld is off to a good start, with 1 Hq, 1 Elite,4 Troops, 1 Fast attack and 2 Heavy support choices.

With the Eldar that I have, i should be close to a 1500 point army once my new additions arrive.
1500 points is the first stage of Craftworld MaelDannan's resurrection.